Why it is so difficult to escape the internet.

The internet, digital media intwines very deeply in our social proceses, into expectations more and more in worklife, exchangeing messages mail, social networks then it becomes very difficult to escape the internet and disconnect.

And for a few years now it is also in our social life, it is a connector to our friends, family and private and professional activities all comes together and is mixed and gets very blurred.

A series of videos with a good insight on the brain change in new technologies.




Windows of disconnect to balance out our lives

People talk about digital life as ‘the place for hope’, the place where something new will come to them. (Sherry Turkle 2010) 

The dopamine system is activated by finding something unexpected or by the anticipation of something new. (Panksepp)

Induction or seduction to changes in life?

Soon we will look for the balance again in being ‘Always on’.

We will look for windows of disconnect.

Windows of disconnect will allow us to think deeply and clearly about our passions and projects we are working on.

Creativity needs aloneness says Oliver Stone at the World Creativity Forum 2012

Back to a Walden zone (Thoreaux)


Why this blog and research?

I’m tracking my sleep for more then a year now, since August 2010 with ZEO device, fascinating experience to learn so much about yourself. 

In addition I started to extend the experiment with 10 colleagues from Howest – March 2011, which is also a rich experience, more on that later.

All this lead to my interest in sleeping patterns and day performance with other people as well, hence my research project on ‘sleeping with technology’ in a ALWAYS ON society we are living in lately.

There are a lot of tracking apps and devices out there. I tested a few like LARK and ZEO, plus some Iphone apps as well. So far ZEO is still my favorit, because its detailed information, the scientific background, accurate measuring trough sensors checking your brainwaves. Lark and other Iphone apps I used simultanously do give a good report too, but no info on REM and DEEP sleep, which is very important in tracking your sleep quality. The latter apps are all based on movement.

And more then anything else I don’t like my Iphone in my bedroom environment unless I’m traveling, At home I want to keep it clean from tablets or phones. Although I’m tempted lately to watch series on my Ipad before going to bed, bad habit ;-).